Our Process



A “one-size-fits-all” approach to recruitment outsourcing is never in anyone’s best interest. That’s why at Advanced RPO, we’ve developed a custom talent acquisition process to gain an in-depth understanding of your needs and goals so that we can design a long-term solution that achieves results.


We call it our Business Impact Model; an individual, consultative approach that identifies and engages high caliber talent that can impact your vision.


The Advanced RPO Business Impact Model:


1. Determine Your Business Strategy
The Advanced RPO process is grounded in our understanding of your business and what you’re seeking in our partnership. This is how we guarantee our solution will align with your business strategy.


2. Identify Business Drivers
Understanding the factors and nuances that drive your business enables us to develop a system that gives you optimal control over your recruitment process.


3. Design a Custom Solution
We design every element of our solution with the goal of enhancing your organization’s performance. That means planning every detail – communication, responsibilities, tools, systems, data, change management, and more.


4. Effectively Manage
Implementing and executing the solution in a manner that allows us to maximize your recruitment outcomes is key. We nurture a performance-driven relationship with our clients, allowing us to continually adjust and enhance our process as needed.


When you need help accomplishing your hiring initiatives, choose an RPO partner whose talent acquisition process leverages your strengths and enhances your weaknesses to help you gain a true competitive edge. Choose Advanced RPO.