August 2016

The Alignment Between Business Strategy And HR – And The Role of RPO in This Paradigm

August 18, 2016


This post was originally posted at RPOAssociation.com. I often define HR as “everything people”, therefore the essence of HR has to be strategic. As HR expands beyond its traditional administrative role, that shift provides a significant impact on an organization’s value creation. To properly align HR with the business strategy, the structure must support having the […]



RPO: Decreasing Your Cost of Vacancy & Improving Your Talent

August 3, 2016


Every company leader knows that the biggest cost of doing business is most often labor. Employee wages, benefits, payroll, and taxes can comprise up to 70% of a company’s cost structure, and that number is rising as the economy improves. Another cost frequently associated with labor is the cost involved in hiring and turnover. Talent is […]