Project-Based RPO

Each time one of your organization’s departments launches a project, it is time to build a special team. Advanced RPO works on your behalf to make the recruiting process quick and simple by tapping into our readily available resources.


Maybe you don’t have the time or bandwidth to design a solid recruitment process outsourcing project strategy, but the dea`dline is looming. That’s where we come in to assist you. With our carefully designed recruiting strategy and hiring process, we can recruit an outstanding project RPO team that meets all of your criteria to help throughout the project’s duration.


We Fill Any Gaps in the Recruiting Strategy and Hiring Process

Not having the necessary recruitment process outsourcing project capabilities makes achieving your business’s vision more difficult. If you have not yet developed an approach to project-based recruiting, you may see the process as a complex nightmare.


With Advanced RPO, you will have access to a tried, tested, and truly effective project-based RPO strategy that aligns with your current and future goals. We aim to help you build an outsourced project team to achieve business goals, increase productivity, and drive your company forward.


What Does Project-Based Recruitment Process Outsourcing Entail?

For more than 20 years, Advanced RPO has developed and refined its recruitment process outsourcing and talent acquisition strategies.


Here are a few of our cutting-edge RPO strategies and solutions that we will tailor to your upcoming project’s unique needs — whether using a hybrid or end-to-end delivery model:


  • Analysis and planning
  • Determining scope for each hiring scenario
  • Locating, contacting, and vetting top potential candidates
  • Hiring manager training
  • Recruitment technology acquisition
  • Recruitment analytics
  • Employer branding


We continually work to improve each of these solutions according to the latest hiring trends and market demands. Your HR team is then enabled to maintain focus on existing employees’ daily needs. At the same time, you never need to worry about having the right person in the right position to continue working toward your organizational goals.


Embrace the Benefits of Hiring Advanced RPO

Can your business benefit from hiring Advanced RPO on a project basis? It definitely can! 


Our RPO project team can assist your business in the following scenarios:


  • Hiring for new locations
  • Marketing and launching products and services
  • Expanding your business’s focus and target market
  • Keeping up with and ahead of suddenly accelerating business demands


We are here to help you develop a team that is designed and ready to support your business’s growth — from one project to the next.


Why Partner With Us for Your Project-Based RPO Needs?

Whether you require a fully functioning end-to-end hiring partner or a hybrid solution to fill gaps, Advanced RPO is the answer. We partner with your business — as an outside expert at your service — to design and execute a project to help you achieve all of your hiring goals.


Contact us today or request a proposal to learn more.