RPO Hybrid

Investing in a recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) hybrid approach to hiring gives you the chance to capitalize on the strengths of both your internal HR team and an external recruitment specialist like Advanced RPO.


Think about a time when your organization has needed to quickly fill a key managerial or technical position, but your HR team was already in the middle of an intensive search for candidates, or simply and diligently performing daily tasks.


Many of today’s small businesses and large corporations find themselves in these positions. That’s why businesses like yours are embracing alternative hiring strategies such as recruitment process outsourcing hybrid services.


What Does Working With Advanced RPO on a Hybrid Basis Entail?

Advanced RPO hybrid services help reduce the commitment level your HR team must make — without sacrificing the resources needed to find the best person for the position.


You rely on us only to supplement the current needs of your organization. This means you’re free to focus on daily tasks and further develop and improve your business.


Most simply, hybrid RPO allows your internal recruiting team to handle parts of the hiring process before handing other aspects to our team. We will manage areas of the process that require additional expertise and more resources than are currently available to your business. Our resources may include anything from the latest technology to additional interviewers to ask all the right questions.


Advanced RPO is ready to help you, working closely according to your existing hiring methods and staying familiar with your open positions. We have found that this strategy enables us to deliver the most relevant and best-fitting candidates for each position as soon as possible.


RPO Hybrid Services Offer Multiple Benefits for Your Business

Startups, small businesses, and large corporations can all benefit from recruitment process outsourcing hybrid services. You might wonder what scenarios would call for hybrid RPO services to make it worth the investment.


Take a moment to review a few ways in which your organization could benefit from hybrid RPO services:


  • Launching a business: If you are just launching your business, you may be ready to hire a few key staff members, but you don’t have an official HR team in place. No problem. We can work with your company leaders to help recruit the staff you need.
  • Anticipating a growth phase: Perhaps you run a startup or small business that has slowly added a few employees, but now you expect significant growth that requires reinforcements for your dutiful in-house HR team. We can help with the expertise and specialized equipment you require.
  • Cutting costs and improving results: By carefully evaluating your data, we can help you reduce cost per hire while finding the right person every time.


Why Partner With Advanced RPO for Your Hybrid Recruitment Needs?

Advanced RPO can fill any gaps in your HR team and strategy to make sure you achieve organizational goals throughout your company’s evolution.


Contact us today or request a proposal to learn more about our effective recruitment solutions.