Talent Solutions come in many shapes and sizes. Which one fits your company?

Talent Solutions – A Methodical, Strategic Approach to Hiring


Hiring in today’s world can be challenging and unpredictable due to many different internal and external influences. Perhaps your company is just starting up, growing quickly or is an established organization with varying hiring needs by region or division. Maybe you are trying to attract new hires in a competitive market, rural area or aren’t sure if you have a strong employee value proposition and employment brand. Maybe — it’s all of the above. 


Companies need to be proactive in building a talent solution that aligns with business objectives. Below are some key components to consider as you determine the best talent solution for your organization:


Business Objectives

Hiring Volume Variance

Type of Positions

Marketing Influencers

Employment Value Proposition

Compliance Requirements

Technology Investment

Level of Recruiting Expertise


Next, consider the types of hiring scenarios your company is likely to experience and known needs or gap in your current talent solution strategy. This could include things like:


  • Launching a new location/division/product line that results in an increased hiring need.
  • A cyclical hiring cycle which includes peak hiring seasons (example – Spring and Summer) with a significant hiring slowdown in the off months.
  • A need to focus on better quality of talent.
  • Not having solid metrics to identify and solve talent acquisition issues.
  • Needing to expand the existing recruiting team’s expertise.
  • Not knowing the right technology to invest in to support the hiring process.


Now, consider the different types of talent solutions that are available and the pros and cons of each:


Internal Recruiting Team

Staffing Agencies

Contract Recruiters


Recruitment Process Outsourcing


Oftentimes, the talent solution is a combination of two or more of these options. Determining the best path can be overwhelming but taking the steps to evaluate your current situation, identify future needs and create a flexible model that will best fit your needs is a necessity in today’s hiring world.


Talent Solution Planning at Advanced RPO


At Advanced RPO, we specialize in guiding companies through the process of building an effective and efficient talent solution. While we specialize in Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), our main focus is configuring a hiring program that will best achieve your results. We begin with the end in mind and our proprietary business impact model insures that the talent solution we build aligns with your company’s business objectives making talent acquisition a respected seat at the executive table for you.