Staffing/Hiring Alternatives

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) is an industry born from the Internet and the impact of receiving hundreds of electronic applications for every open position. Recruiters couldn’t handle the administrative load, thus RPO took root. It has since evolved to be a strategic partner. Working with a trusted RPO firm, an employer can transfer all or some part of its business’s recruitment processes to an external service provider.


Top RPO companies offer recruiting alternatives that streamline an organization’s hiring process for today and long into the future. RPO partners deliver excellence, cost savings, scalability, and a technology stack and predictive analysis to provide clients with access to the top talent according to the company’s needs and capabilities. 



How Is the RPO Industry Different From a Staffing Agency?

With a traditional staffing agency, the primary purpose of the staffing firm is to connect an employer and a candidate with the best qualifications and overall potential fit with the company. Once that position has been filled, it is usually the end of the relationship between the staffing firm and client until the client needs an employee for a different position.


An RPO firm takes traditional staffing and recruiting to the next level to meet more structural and big-picture needs for valued clients. RPO organizations and clients become strategic partners throughout the recruitment process. The RPO company works as an extension of the client business. The RPO team may take on tasks such as planning, technology, research, brand, and processes — serving in a more on-site and hands-on capacity.


The RPO partner often takes on some or all parts of the recruitment process for the business, working together to find the best solution for specific needs. This approach allows the RPO organization to maximize its staff, resources, pipelines, technology, and methodology. All of these tools are used to find exceptional candidates and create a large and readily available talent pool, based on the company’s goals.



Advanced RPO Provides the Services Your Company Needs

Advanced RPO offers a large menu of essential services to help refine your hiring process. Our team has a rich background and discipline in talent acquisition, specific to RPO. We are here to listen, assess, build, collaborate, and execute the program solutions right for your business. 


We may work with your company in three of the following distinct capacities: 


  • End-to-End: The outsourcing of all parts of the recruiting process to Advanced RPO.
  • Hybrid: The outsourcing of selected parts of the recruiting process to our team.
  • Project: This type of engagement applies in a project-by-project case and can be end-to-end or hybrid.


Regardless of the volume of requisitions you pass our way, we will build a customized solution for your organization that includes solving challenges you have that may include the following:

  • Your company is experiencing high and unpredictable recruiting costs.
  • Your company needs help hiring more quickly to meet your business’s growth demands.
  • Your company needs recruitment expertise to meet the specialized hiring demands for your business — now and in the future.
  • Your company does not yet have a recruiting infrastructure.


Advanced RPO can help with each of these issues, or anything else you need to develop and nurture an optimally running hiring process.


Contact us if you are ready to re-imagine your hiring strategy with recruiting alternatives that get results.