Talent Acquisition

Today’s marketplace continues to rapidly evolve, which means organizations need to have access to top talent at any time. Traditional recruiting works well enough to provide stopgap solutions to companies that want access to qualified short-term or long-term candidates for a specific position. However, this method may not be dynamic enough to meet long-term organizational goals the way that talent acquisition services can.


How does a talent acquisition company differ from traditional recruiting? Essentially, recruitment is about filling an immediate or upcoming known vacancy in the organization. In contrast, talent acquisition consulting provides an ongoing strategy to find leaders, specialists, and future executives to support a company throughout its anticipated growth.


Our Talent Acquisition Services Meet and Exceed Client Needs

With more than 20 years of success as talent acquisition consultants, Advanced RPO features the industry’s most experienced leadership and delivery teams. Our talent acquisition management solution team members continually work to re-imagine your hiring process to help you effortlessly proceed through the changing 21st-century business landscape. 


One of our primary client goals is to look toward the future and understand that winning bigger means always having high-caliber talent just a phone call away. Our methodical approach to hiring can help business leaders maneuver a less-predictable marketplace with greater ease. We strive to reduce the negative impact of various internal and external influences. With our talent acquisition consultants, companies can work proactively to build a strong talent solution that aligns with the organization’s business objectives.


Here are just a few key components for building a strong talent acquisition management solution:


  • Business objectives
  • Compliance requirements
  • Employment value proposition
  • Hiring volume variance
  • Level of recruiting expertise
  • Marketing influencers
  • Technology investment
  • Type of positions


Our talent acquisition consultants then build on those components by considering likely hiring scenarios, such as the following:


  • A need to focus on a better quality of talent or varied types of talent
  • A desire to expand the existing recruiting team’s expertise
  • A look forward to cyclical hiring, forecasting peak hiring seasons, as well as slowdown periods
  • A lack of familiarity with the right technology in which to invest to support the hiring process


Advanced RPO Can Help Your Business Solve a Variety of Challenges

Maybe you have already faced hiring challenges that were not easily overcome with traditional recruiting. Advanced RPO believes that talent acquisition consulting is the solution you need to address today’s most common problems, which include:


  • Recruiting costs are too high and unpredictable: As your trusted advisor, we work to find ways to help you reduce costs and boost productivity.
  • Inability to hire fast enough to meet growth demands: Growth in itself is not a problem. Nonetheless, if you cannot hire talent fast enough, you may risk your brand reputation and lose sales. We provide scalable solutions that help you handle hiring spikes and adapt to continually changing business objectives.
  • Lack of a recruiting infrastructure that focuses on talent acquisition: On some occasions, small businesses grow so rapidly that they do not have time to build the proper HR infrastructure. We are here to help you develop a strategy that includes resources, metrics, technology, and reporting to effectively equip your team.


Contact us today to learn more about how Advanced RPO can better ensure that high-quality talent is always ready to come on board.